The 10 Best Chocolate Perfumes For Men and Women

Whether it be dairy, dark, or white, it’s hard for our taste buds to resist good chocolate and is definitely the perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth. But one aspect about this popular treat that may be overlooked is its smell.

The aroma of fresh chocolate is often irresistible and is a big factor of what entices us towards this delightful sweet. That’s why we believe that chocolate perfumes are a great way to stand out and satisfy everyone’s sweet noses as well! 

Chocolate perfumes contain ingredients reminiscent of some of your favourite desserts. This includes notes of cacao, white florals, vanilla and many more sweet smells. These fragrances are long lasting and have rich aromas that are capable of making anyone’s head turn.

From light chocolate aromas to deep cocoa scents, we've gathered 10 of our favourite chocolate scented perfumes for both men and women alike to smell like a delightful treat!

1. Chocolate Greedy by Montale

Montale Chocolate Greedy

Montale Paris are known for their excellence in combining eastern ingredients with western techniques. Chocolate Greedy can be described as a mouthwatering, creamy, and luscious fragrance. The incredible blend of tropical ingredients like coffee, tonka bean, cacao, bitter orange, and dried fruits adds a smooth texture to this perfume. 

With its comforting feel and touch, we think this unisex fragrance should be your go-to for cold winter days or if you’re simply craving chocolate cake in fragrance form.

2. Choco Violette by Mancera

Mancera Choco Violette

Choco Violette by Mancera is a warm, delightful chocolate fragrance that you’ll want to taste. The dominant smell of dark chocolate is balanced by the light powdery scent of violet. The composition consists of just the right amounts of citrus fruits and its character is highlighted by hazelnut and sweet vanilla combined with a soft note of white musk. 

This perfume for both men and women manages to capture the holiday spirit and will have people asking about the smell of freshly baked cookies or hot cocoa hanging in the air.

3. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Black Opium

Black Opium by YSL can simply be described as intoxicatingly seductive. The opening notes of rich coffee beans and warm vanilla are complemented by the sweet scent of white flowers at the heart of the fragrance creating a long-lasting perfume. This women's perfume is perfect for the daring and independent woman.

4. Van Cleef & Arpels Orchidée Vanille

Van Cleef & Arples Orchidee Vanille

A gourmand fragrance named Orchidée Vanille would obviously have vanilla as the main character, but Van Cleef & Arpels makes sure that dark chocolate has its moment in the spotlight too.

This sophisticated fragrance for women has the perfect blend of sweet and floral aromas with notes like vanilla, mandarin orange, and lychee combining elegantly with bitter almond and dark chocolate. Following this, you get the pleasant notes of Bulgarian rose and violet to complete this cozy scent.

If you're still wondering what exactly Orchidée Vanille smells like, think about the sensation of opening a bottle of vanilla extract to bake your favourite chocolate cake!

5. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de ParfumA downright legendary perfume that is sensual, addictive, and luxurious. Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a chocolate perfume for women that exudes class. This scent expertly combines rich, dark traces of black orchid and warm spices with a base of silky chocolate and vanilla to create a modern, timeless and classically dark fragrance.

Black Orchid’s scent and status are long lasting, almost hypnotic and we think chocolate lovers (everyone) will love this fragrance!

6. Clinique My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere

Clinique My Happy Cocoa & CashmereCraving dessert but can’t get your hands on some? Well, a few whiffs of My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere by Clinique should get you through the day!

The blend of cocoa and vanilla alone will remind you of any one of your favourite chocolate baked goods. This light, cozy scent is balanced by the amber, musks, pink pepper, and jasmine which help add some freshness. All in all, this fragrance is a blissful, comforting, and addictive fragrance that will provide both men and women with an instantaneous mood boost.

7. Mugler Angel

Thierry Mugler Angel

Angel by Mugler is one of the world's most recognizable chocolate perfumes and for good reason. It’s fresh, youthful, sweet and iconic just like you! All jokes aside, Angel was the scent that brought gourmand scents to the mainstream.

It's hard not to fall in love with this sweet dessert in a bottle. The combination of citruses, cotton candy, caramel, vanilla and of course our hero chocolate are simply irresistible. Aside from its iconic status, this women's perfume is everything you could ask for from a gourmand scent.

8. Symphonium by Xerjoff

Symphonium by Xerjoff

Intensely sweet and deliciously dark, Symphonium by Xerjoff has a rich chocolate heart. This unisex Xerjoff scent opens with a sweet Spanish mandarin orange, while the warmth of cardamom surrounds and amplifies the Belgian chocolate core. Then emerges the base of musk and vanilla to create a sweet but warm scent. Finally, it is then balanced by the dense mix of Laos and Thai Oud creating smokiness in the fragrance.

Symphonium is both heart-melting and mouth-watering and we’re sure your nose will tingle in all the right spots!

9. By Kilian Black Phantom

Black Phantom By Kilian is a sweet gourmand fragrance, which just like its namesake comes alive when it’s cold. You get boozy slightly spiced rum, chocolate caramel, and coffee. All warm and delicious, it's basically the starter pack to combat a cold, winter night!

Upon opening the smell of fresh chocolate really comes through, while mixing beautifully with almond, rum to create a rich and decadent smell. As it moves along Black Phantom becomes a blend of chocolate, caramel, and coffee becoming creamier as time goes on.

By Kilian has created a unisex fragrance that transports you to a dimly lit café with its sweet chocolate and bitter coffee scents blending with one another elegantly.

10. Prada Candy Night

Prada Candy Night

Candy Night by Prada is the vibrant flanker fragrance to the bubbly original Prada Candy. Candy Night, unlike the original, is sweeter, thanks to the addition of cacao.

This delicious women's fragrance opens with some refreshing neroli, iris, and bitter orange, then the heart of tonka bean and vanilla from the original Candy reveals itself to us. Then at the base we finally get our sweet surprise. The seductive mix of chocolate and patchouli finally hits and with great effect.

Candy Night by Prada is a worthy rival to the original Candy and this nice and cozy scent is well worth your consideration!

Smell like your favourite sweet desserts!

A good perfume can go a long way and a beautiful chocolate perfume could be just that for you. Desserts like chocolate are often used to spread joy and the same can be said for perfumes that smell like chocolate. Be sure to check out our Winter Scents Collection for more fragrances like these!

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