Best Perfumes to Match Your Halloween Costume

With Halloween knocking on our doors, it is time to select the perfect costume for the occasion. In case you are yet to narrow down your choices, we advise that you should get to it soon if you want to make a memorable impression on Spooky Day.

Of course, there are a few classics that never go out of style when it comes to Halloween costumes. Pirates, ghosts, witches, and vampires fit into the eerie celebration seamlessly. You can always customize them as per your preference for a unique take on these beloved costumes.

One simple way of taking your Halloween costume to the next level is wearing a complementary perfume. Not only does it add a personal touch to your costume, but it also gives a sensory experience for the people appreciating your effort. You can choose a perfume based on the vibe you want to exude. Dark and gloomy? Sensual and provocative? Adventurous and brave? There are countless possibilities to explore.

Here, we have listed some recommendations to help you out in case you are confused about which perfume to pair with your favorite Halloween costume.

Pirate Costume

If you are an explorer at heart who never backs down in the face of challenges, then a pirate costume is quite fitting for you. The perfect fragrance will rejuvenate your spirits as you search for your treasure.

Sayat Nova by Bortnikoff, a hypnotic amber-gourmand scent, draws inspiration from the legendary poet of Armenia who traversed many exotic lands. The sweet, fruity opening leads to an intoxicating floral heart nestled close to precious ouds and delectable vanilla.

Sayat Nova Extrait de Parfum Bortnikoff

Speakeasy by Frapin, a sensual oriental-leather fragrance, evokes memories of a time when danger and glamor were intricately linked. In fact, "speakeasy" directly references the words whispered in clandestine bars during the Prohibition era. The effervescence of the top and heart notes juxtaposes against the rich leather, tobacco, and amber at the base.

Speakeasy Eau de Parfum Frapin Perfumes

Bahar by The Spirit of Dubai, an amber-woody fragrance reminiscent of sea breeze, features aquatic and citrus notes at the top. While the heart is an amalgamation of floral notes and spices, a creamy accord of sandalwood and vanilla overtakes the base.

Bahar by The Spirit of Dubai

Ghost Costume

The costume that will never go out of style when it comes to Halloween, the ghost offers the perfect blank slate for endless experimentation. The best part? You can alter the kind of ghost you want to be with your perfume choice.

Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange is a smoky amber fragrance that will immediately make you appear mysterious. Exotic spices, floral-powdery accords, and woody notes help accentuate the depth of the amber-incense accord. This perfume is not for the faint-hearted.

Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange

Clean, charming, and undoubtedly retro, Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun is a chypre-floral for minimalists who crave a dash of romance. Created by Francis Kurkdjian, the fragrance is reminiscent of a lovely floral bouquet with lavender, rose, and geranium, which is balanced by the trio of Iso E Super, white musk, and vanilla.

Lady Vengeance Eau de Parfum Juliette Has a Gun Perfumes

As suggested by the name, Black to Black by Mancera is for those who have decided to embrace darkness this Halloween and revel in everything spooky. The rich, sensual combination of leather and oud in the base thrives in the company of heavy florals, spices, and musk.

Witch & Vampire

Whether you want to be a creature of the night or a mighty spellcaster, a suitable fragrance will quickly elevate your costume. Witches and vampires often evoke similar imagery, so these three fragrances will serve you either way.

Coeur De Noir by BeauFort London is a unique fragrance that opens with a combination of ink and rum. The woody base with tobacco effortlessly blends with the vanilla and leather in the heart. This fragrance is evocative of the sea and its ability to be an artistic inspiration.

Coeur de Noir Eau de Parfum Beaufort London Perfumes

L’Orpheline by Serge Lutens will remind you of cold, dusty rooms in a mansion atop a cliff. Bright incense, almost clinical in nature, forms a memorable combination with clean powdery musk. A fearless fragrance with a hint of sweetness, L'Orpheline is a true classic.

L'Orpheline Eau de Parfum Serge Lutens Perfumes

Relique D'Amour by Oriza L. Legrand is a chypre fragrance that opens pine and herbal notes before shifting to a heart of lily, incense, pepper, and oak. Woody, musky notes take over the base. The fragrance derives inspiration from the smell of an old chapel with cold, damp, moss-covered walls.

Relique d'Amour Eau de Parfum Oriza L.Legrand Perfumes

Now that you are inspired, have fun choosing your costume and pairing a fragrance with it. Happy Halloween!

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