9 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Perfume in The Box

Most perfume lovers simply throw away their perfume boxes once opened. Often times we don't realise how important they are for many different reasons. Once you are aware of the benefits, you'll understand it's a no brainer that you should keep your fragrance boxes.

1. It's Simply Beautiful

Like the bottles themselves, perfume boxes are simply beautiful. They are part of the overall presentation. And if you own limited edition / rare perfume, the packaging is rare to!

2. Easier to Resell

Let's say you're looking to buy a second hand perfume, and you got two offers at the same price with the same amount of content. There's just one difference: offer 1 comes with the original box, and offer 2 doesn't. As a result, you will certainly go for the first offer. Most people in fact are actually willing to pay even a little more for perfume that does come in an original box.

3. Safe the Environment

Well, maybe you think: "So what? I never resell my perfume." But the fact is: your taste for perfume will change, and if the perfume stays abandoned in the cabinet forever, why not make space and make someone else happy with it for a good price.

What's even more important, reselling or swapping your perfume to or with someone else, helps contribute to keep waste under control and saves the environment!

At last, if you aren't sure about reselling, you can always throw away the box when you're done.

4. Not Having Space is Not an Excuse

A lack of space is often the main reason for perfume collectors not to keep their boxes. But that's not an excuse. You can actually easily take the bottles out and then unfold them and flatten them out. All the boxes will then easily fit in a small cardboard box or container.

However, maybe you shouldn't flatten them at all and use the boxes for other purposes which we discuss below.

5. Protecting Your Bottles

Many people actually store their perfume bottles in a bin or other kind of container. What happens is that the bottles will get damaged. When you keep the bottles in the original packaging, they will stay beautiful. 

Yes, of course it's a hassle to keep opening the boxes, taking out the bottle, putting it back in, and closing the boxes when you have used it. But you don't have to do this for all the perfumes you own. You can keep the fragrances you're currently wearing without their box, and store the ones that you're currently not using in the original boxes. There's another important reason to store perfumes in boxes, as we discuss below.

6. Protect your Perfume

Don't you often hear perfume lovers complaining that a perfume is smelling different compared to before? They often think it's their taste, smell or even skin is changing. But in fact, it's the perfume itself!

Like the beautiful boxes they are stored in, you also need to take care of the perfume within. Fragrances need to be stored cool and dark. If it's exposed to too much heat or direct sunlight, the fragrance quality will degrade quickly. Protecting your fragrance is thus one more reason why boxes can be useful.

7. Fragrance Identification

Fragrances change over time due to small modifications in formulations. So does the box. The box can offer clues on identifying when the perfume was purchased, again important for reselling, if a person is looking for a perfume from a specific period of time.

8. Organization

Boxes can be stacked, but bottles often can't. Thus, keeping your fragrances in original packaging makes storage easier. In fact, for many perfume lovers who owns lots and lots of perfume, this makes it also easier to find the perfume they're looking for.

9. moving house

Last but not least, the day you move will be the day you really wished you still had the original boxes. Bottles are fragile and can easily damage. Boxes on the other hand are not just made to look beautiful, but also to protect your bottles from damage during transportation.


If you've come this far, we're sure you've realised how important perfume boxes are. So, welcome to the club of perfume lovers who do keep their bottles.

If by any chance, you still don't think original boxes are important, then check out our Beautinow collection of tester perfume. Why buy perfume in original boxes, when you toss them away anyways?

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