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    Calvin Klein Perfumes has established itself as one of the most beloved designer fragrance brands in the world.

    Calvin Klein Inc. was founded by Calvin Klein in the late 1960s, and it immediately created a stir because of its minimalist but classic designs. The company branched out in 1981 and launched its first-ever perfume, Calvin, which enjoyed a lot of success. Since then, the brand has released several contemporary perfumes which are universally appreciated. cK one, a hallmark of nostalgia for many, continues to be one of the most iconic fragrances in perfume history.

    Calvin Klein Perfumes has worked with revered noses like Caroline Sabas, Ann Gottlieb, Alberto Morillas, Harry Fremont, Richard Herpin, and Clement Gavarry, amongst many others.

    Popular fragrances from Calvin Klein include Eternity, One, and IN2U.