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    Escentric Molecules Escentric 03 Eau de Toilette Perfume & Cologne
    Escentric 03 Eau de Toilette
    Escentric Molecules
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    The premise of Escentric Molecules is an artificial aroma molecule named Iso E Super, which was first created inside a laboratory in 1973. Escentric Molecules was the first brand to bring this elusive compound into mainstream perfumery. Reputed as a velvety, enveloping fragrance, Iso E Super enchanted perfumer Geza Schoen the very first time he smelled it in isolation. As per Schoen, “Iso E Super is highly unusual. You can never get enough of it. One sniff and you want the whole bottle. It’s like a drug.”

    Schoen's bold idea behind launching Escentric Molecules in 2006 was to create scents that were overloaded with the mysterious Iso E Super. The brand combines the magic of perfumery with the precision of chemistry. All their fragrances come in binary pairs, and each of them explores Iso E Super differently. Adopting a minimalist approach, the brand chooses all the other ingredients to complement and amplify this special ingredient.