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    Etienne Aigner White Man Eau de Toilette Perfume & Cologne
    White Man Eau de Toilette
    Etienne Aigner
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    Etienne Aigner founded his eponymous brand in 1949 to craft luxury accessories in Munich, Germany. Even now, Etienne Aigner's leather craftsmanship is praised all around the globe.

    Etienne began his career as a bookbinder but shifted to the fashion industry as his leather work began impressing respected designer houses like Christian Dior. Aigner shifted to New York in 1949 because of his entrepreneurial spirit and was successful in opening his first showroom on 5th Avenue by 1959.

    Etienne Aigner began expanding his product offerings in the 70s and the 80s. The brand launched its first fragrances, both for men, in 1975. Initially, Etienne Aigner tried to incorporate leather and suede in the branding of the fragrances to stay true to its identity.