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    Jacques Bogart Furyo Eau de Toilette Perfume & Cologne
    Furyo Eau de Toilette
    Jacques Bogart
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    Jacques Bogart is a French perfume house created in 1975. Jacques Bogart only creates and releases perfumes for men and the slogan "Je ne crée que pour l'homme" or “I create only for men” is responsible for the popularity of the brand. Since its creation, Jacques Bogart has continued to assert its position in a very masculine world where virility and strength of character reign. To this day the brand remains faithful to their founding principles and has now earned its place among the top brands through originality that goes beyond fashion. All Jacques Bogart fragrances leave a powerful scent characterised by a strong masculine elegance. Their popular fragrances include One Man Show, Bogart Pour Homme, and Silver Scent.