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    Juliette Has a Gun Perfumes FAQ

    According to Romano, he never wanted to venture into perfumery because he had seen up close how business could tear a family apart. However, he simply couldn't turn his back on the craft that was destined for him. He learnt more about perfumery from his grandfather, Roberto Ricci, and founded his own house, Juliette Has a Gun, in 2006. In an interview with WWD in 2007, Romano said:

    "Juliette is a woman's fragile side, and the gun represents power — a passport to liberty."

    There is no doubt that the perfumery world has changed significantly since Romano stepped into it, but he is always open to learning and experimenting further for the sake of his craft.

    With an impressive collection of fragrances, ranging from gourmand to woody to musky, the perfume house has something for everyone. Their iconic Not a Perfume continues to dominate the fragrance market for its unique nature. All Juliette Has a Gun fragrances are formulated and manufactured in France. On the website, the brand reveals how Shakespeare's Juliet is integral to their motto:

    "Elegant, modern, romantic, you are unknowingly this Juliet, Shakespeare's heroine reinterpreted, that he imagines. Sometimes feminine, boyish, authoritarian, midinette, charmer or freed. Juliette is above all free."

    As a creator, Romano Ricci has successfully broken away from traditions to ensure that he can intimately connect with his perfumes and infuse them with separate identities. He wants to ensure that perfumery remains an art that can evolve with the times without losing its beauty, hence he brings his bold interpretation of modern femininity to the forefront in every fragrance.

    Nina Ricci is a name strongly associated with the brilliant artistry of perfumery. Juliette Has a Gun is following in those footsteps, taking the niche world by storm. Founded by the great-grandson of Nina, Romano Ricci, the perfume house is known for its daring creations that manage to stun even long-time fragrance enthusiasts. The house is exclusively dedicated to creating original perfumes for women that help them stand apart from the crowd. Their olfactory masterpieces are meant to serve as signature fragrances for women who want to make an unforgettable impression.