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    Karl Lagerfeld
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    Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most influential and iconic fashion designers of the 20th century. The fashion legend’s first artistic creations were launched as early as 1974. He created the fruity-floral perfume "Chloé for Women" for Chloé, the French luxury fashion house.

    Fragrances under the Karl Lagerfeld name have been available from 1978. Some of the popular fragrances created were the women's fragrances "Sun Moon Stars" (1994) and "Femme" (2000), along with several men's fragrances such as "Lagerfeld Photo" (1990), "Jako" (1997) and "Lagerfeld Man" (2002).

    The Karl Lagerfeld brand was previously publicly perceived as luxurious and opulent. As a result, they made a fresh start in 2014 when they released "Karl Lagerfeld Pour Homme" for men and "Karl Lagerfeld" for women as part of their "Les Parfums Matières” collection. More releases for the collection such as Bois de Cèdre and Fleur de Pecher followed soon after.

    Karl Lagerfeld's timeless and artistic creations appealed to all the senses. Therefore, as a part of Karl Lagerfeld's legacy, the brand’s fragrance bottles were sophisticated, creative, original, and innovative.