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Best 2022 Beachy Summer Perfumes You Must Try

2022’s Best Beach Summer Scents

Summer is just around the corner, and there is simply no better time to indulge in beachy scents that are reminiscent of the perfect tropical holiday. Refresh your perfume wardrobe with the best beach summer perfumes of 2022 to refresh and rejuvenate your spirits.

1. Davidoff - Cool water

Davidoff Cool Water
No list about summer scents can ever be complete without the iconic Cool Water by Davidoff. An aquatic, aromatic fragrance that never fails to be refreshing, it has been a cult classic since its creation in 1988 by Pierre Bourdon. The perfume opens with the aroma of the sea mingled with mint and other green notes, and the slightest hint of lavender. The predominantly green and floral heart is beautifully complemented by the woody base.

2. Armani - Acqua di Gio

Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gio Eau de Toilette
Acqua di Gio is another classic on the list, this perfume smells gorgeous and will directly transport you to a utopian beachside. A fresh burst of bergamot and tangerine opens this delightful fragrance, before the aromatic heart notes take over. Warm Indonesian patchouli in the base adds an unusual depth to this aquatic scent that makes everyone swoon.

3. Bvlgari - Aqua

Bvlgari - Acqua
With a unique fragrance profile, this Aqua perfume deserves a spot in your summer perfume wardrobe. Fruity-floral notes fuse with the aquatic and aromatic composition to create an irresistible perfume. Lined with cedar wood at the base, this perfume boasts a vivid marriage of mandarin orange and amber with lavender, seaweed and cotton.

4. Guerlain - Coconut Fizz

Guerlain - Coconut Fizz


The thought of summer beachy scents automatically evokes the sight of fresh tropical fruits, especially coconut. This Aqua Allegoria creation is a sweet, vanillic fruity-aromatic masterpiece that crowns coconut as its queen. The fragrance opens with coconut nectar fused with fresh bergamot before moving on to a concoction of freesia, water fruits, sandalwood and tonka bean.

5. Maison Margiela - Sailing Day

Maison Margiela Sailing Day Eau De Toilette


Sailing Day, as the name suggests, this invigorating Maison Margiela creation from the Replica collection is formulated to replicate the essence of a magical day spent sailing in the ocean. This marine long-lasting fragrance boasts aquatic notes and aldehydes that mimic the beautiful aroma of the sea. The fusion of coriander, rose and iris adds a comforting touch.

6. Imaginary Authors - Every storm a Serenade

Imaginary Authors - Every storm a Serenade


Every Storm a Serenade smells just as poetic as it sounds. A niche perfume that is off the beaten track, it is ideal for those who love to experiment with their signature scents. Aromatic and green in its scent profile, it takes the wearer on a journey to the coast and evokes feelings of longing. Eucalyptus, vetiver, calone, ambergris, Danish spruce and seawater are the primary notes of this unique perfume.

7. Francesca Bianchi - Sex and the Sea

Francesca Bianchi - Sex and the Sea


Sweet, sensual and seductive, Sex and the Sea by Francesca Bianchi is the perfume to sport if you want everyone's eyes to be on you. A wild concoction of powdery and fruity notes with animalic and oriental notes, the perfume provides a sensory experience that is overwhelming. With notes of silky coconut, vanilla, pineapple and mimosa contrasting with civet, ambergris and myrrh, it is the perfume that stands out from the crowd.

8. Sarah Baker - Atlante


Sarah Baker - Atlante

Atlante by Sarah Baker tells a story that you might not forget anytime soon. The recreation of the origin of mankind from the sea, as depicted in Greek mythology, captured in a scent bottle, Atlante is evocative and sensual. Mineral notes, ambergris, seashells, driftwood and seaweed immediately takes the wearer on a quest to locate the sea, while a touch of yuzu and lily-of-the-valley is reminiscent of the land.

9. Pierre Guillaume - Entre Ciel et Mer


Pierre Guillaume - Entre Ciel Et Mer Eau de Parfum


Entre Ciel et Mer: What happens when you are suspended in the magical horizon line between the sky and sea? That is what this perfume aims to decode. An aromatic-aquatic fragrance, it boasts one of the most naturalistic seawater recreations in modern perfume history. Juicy pear, greenery, aromatic lavender and thyme, and rich cedar and sandalwood complete this unforgettable interpretation of the summer beach.

10. Xerjoff - 40 Knots

Xerjoff - Join The Club 40 Knots Eau de Parfum


Primarily woody and marine in its scent profile, 40 Knots by Xerjoff is the one to sport when you are pining for a yacht ride. While the brand has chosen not to disclose the notes of the perfume officially, an olfactory exploration reveals notes of the sea, greenery and wood.

Summer beachy perfumes are crucial when it comes to completing your experience of the season. The amazing fragrances above are all curated by perfumers of Beautinow, with long-lasting performance in mind. We have listed a variety of eligible perfumes, so there is something for everybody. You can choose to go the designer route or find yourself in a niche bottle, and then head off to the beach for your summer splash!


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