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Best Tea Perfumes You Can Buy in 2022

Best Tea Perfumes You Can Buy in 2022

Fragrant tea leaves are always a source of comfort. If you want to take your love for tea to the next level, it might be time to incorporate it into your fragrance wardrobe. There are several tea fragrances that will fulfil your heart's desire of carrying the aroma of tea with you everywhere. Take a look at the best tea scents, curated especially for you.

1. Acca Kappa - Mandarin & Green Tea

Inspired by the invigorating aroma of the Mediterranean Season, Mandarin & Green Tea by Acca Kappa is a luminous concoction of fresh Green Tea and succulent citrus fruits. Mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot and orange enliven this delightful fragrance but the tea note reigns supreme. Light but long-lasting, this tea fragrance is a keeper.

2. Nicolai - Fig Tea

A delectable fruity floral infused with fragrant jasmine tea, Fig Tea by Nicolai is vivid and uplifting in its presence. The perfume opens with sweet fig and an aromatic burst of osmanthus, which, in combination with the opulent jasmine at the heart, is reminiscent of honeyed jasmine tea. Guaiac wood and amber in the base add depth to this otherwise airy scent.

3. Beaufort London - Vi Et Armis

Smoky, warm and intoxicating, Vi Et Armis is a tea fragrance that's unlike any other. The complex note profile is a callback to the contents of historical British trade ships, capturing heavy tobacco and incense fumes with a hint of sweetened spices, liquor and tea in a bottle. With primary notes of tea leaf, black pepper, cardamom, whiskey, oud, tobacco, incense and opium, the narcotic scent evokes nostalgia for a bygone era and traditional cargo ships.

4. Goutal - L'ile au The

A delicate aromatic citrus infused with sweet-smelling tea to charm the senses, this classic Goutal scent is reminiscent of sipping refreshing iced tea while relaxing on a hot beach as you look upon the azure sea and enjoy the breeze. This medley of sparkling mandarin, velvety osmanthus, fresh tea and warm musk will make a permanent place for itself in the heart of any tea enthusiast.

5. Maison Margiela - Matcha Meditation

From the house of Maison Margiela, Matcha Meditation is an aromatic floral with strong hints of greenery. Created to replicate the joyful and enlightened state of the mind post meditation, this perfume captures the serenity and peace associated with sipping smooth matcha tea in a bottle. After opening with sparkling bergamot and radiant orange flowers, the perfume slowly brings the matcha accord into prominence as the benzoin adds warmth.

6. Miller Bertaux - Tea Tonique

Tea Tonique, as the name suggests, is a wonderful tribute to this universally beloved beverage. An invigorating, aromatic and citrusy concoction, the perfume will evoke visions of misty tea plantations at dawn. The opening notes of zesty Italian bergamot and lemon infuse with the tea accords in the heart– refreshing green tea, floral earl grey and earthy mate. Clean musk, spicy nutmeg and smoky birch solidify the base, and allow the delicate notes to play around.

7. Bvlgari - Pour Homme

Woody, spicy and aromatic, Bvlgari Pour Homme is a unique addition to any tea-lover's fragrance wardrobe. The juxtaposition of florals like lavender, iris and orange blossom with spicy notes of nutmeg, cardamom, vetiver and coriander makes for a fascinating trajectory as the perfume unfolds. An exhilarating burst of fresh bergamot and tea opens the fragrance, and paves the way for the aquatic and earthy notes to synchronize. Imagine the perfect beach day, with a glass of iced tea in your hand.

8. Altaia - Yu Son

Yu Son marks a harmonious marriage between green tea and mandarin orange, while orange blossom and iris serve as the bridesmaids. The revitalising green tea seamlessly blends with the sweet and fragrant orange accord. A true celebration of the beauty found in nature, this perfume also has guaiac wood and amber at the base that add exceptional depth to this breezy concoction.

9. Xerjoff - Oud Stars Ceylon

Ceylon by Xerjoff is a delectable, sensual blend that celebrates tea in its complete glory. An addictive oriental gourmand, the perfume opens with dripping warm honey and luxurious jasmine sambac that contrast with refreshing bergamot. The heart boasts the presence of fragrant black tea, rich oud and creamy sandalwood. Mellow and toasty Madagascar vanilla, amber and musk in the base add further character to this unforgettable infusion.

10. Masque Milano - Russian Tea

Russian Tea by Masque Milano is a nod to the long-standing tradition of tea exporting and tea drinking in every corner of the world, including Russia. Opening with an intense note of black tea and a floral hint, the perfume soon becomes beautifully smoky and leathery. Refreshing mint and sweet raspberry contrast with the woody and spicy notes. In an effort to honor the journey of tea crates through Siberia and the role of campfires in keeping the leaves dry, Masque Milano has created a masterpiece.

Tea perfumes can be an excellent way of broadening your summer perfume wardrobe while staying unique. The tea accord is extremely versatile, and can hence be interpreted in multiple ways, as evidenced by the perfumes listed above. If you love the aroma of tea, you know what you have to do.


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