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The Ultimate Guide to Perfume Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Perfume Photography

Product photography is all about capturing the essence of an item, and not just its physical shape. This is especially true for perfumes because they boast splendid, unique personalities of their own.

If you are interested in perfume photography for the sake of adding another dimension to your perfume library or to let your Instagram stand out, then you will want to ensure that you click pictures that reflect your relationship with a certain perfume.

You can choose to focus on how the perfume makes you feel, or your interpretation of the message it is trying to convey through its complicated concoction of notes. There are plenty of perfume photography ideas at home that will allow you to take your game to the next level.

On the other hand, if you want to dabble in perfume photography for professional or business reasons, you will have to step into the shoes of the customer and envision what they would want from a perfume. As long as you are successful in capturing the buyers' fantasy in your shots of the perfume, they will be highly enticing. To get your mindset into shooting great perfume pics, watch this video first before you continue with our guide:

To get started with any kind of product photography, it is important to get your equipment together and chalk up a theme for your photoshoot. In case you are feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities, do not worry. We are here to break down the process into simple steps so you can begin your creative journey without much delay.

1. Get inspired

It is easy to fall into the trap of viewing product photography as something that is purely utilitarian. However, the truth is you will have to bring your creative spirit to the forefront if you want your pictures to go that extra mile. Inspiration is everywhere; you just have to look for it. Scroll through Pinterest and research different aesthetics to understand what you are looking for. For a little more direction, you can look into perfume campaigns conducted by high-end luxury brands. The final step is to put together all the individual elements you like during your research into one unique composition. You will also have to decide at this stage whether you are aiming for perfume photography with a model.

2. Find the right props and pick the model

You must have noticed that perfume bottles are rarely present by themselves in really effective product photography. The right props can make a world of difference because they allow you to customize the ambiance of the picture just as you like. Whether you are going for dark and mysterious or radiant and cheerful, you can convey a scene perfectly using just a few props placed aesthetically.

Now is also the right time to select the model for your perfume photography and decide on their role in the picture.

3. Set up the scene

Once you have clarity regarding the composition, it is time to set it up and check if it looks just as good as you imagined. Position the perfume bottle first, and make sure that it remains the highlight of the composition. In case you are worried about breakage, secure the bottle in place.

If you are happy with the perfume placement, you can then add the background and the props as you see fit. Think of the composition as layers if you need some help visualizing the depth. The perfume photography background is crucial to the composition. Play around with contrasting and complementary colors and experiment with different aesthetics till you stumble upon that perfect setup. If you want to be as minimalist as possible, opt for a perfume photography white background.

4. Choose the lights carefully

Undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any product photography is lighting. You have to set up your lights just right so you can capture the angles you want. If you are new to artificial lighting, don't worry. All you need is a back light, a top light, and a front-facing light.

The back light is usually positioned far away to mimic the effect of sunlight. Do not forget you take a few test shots and keep adjusting the light until it is at the correct position. The top light is positioned above, and you can use a diffusion panel if you do not want the harsh effect. The goal is to create a soft halo of light around the bottle. Finally, the front-facing light will directly light up the bottle, as well as the model if you opt for one, and you can experiment with it to achieve different effects. Once you have mastered the usage of these lights, you can expand your collection.

If you do not want to invest in an artificial lighting setup right away, it is advisable to opt for an outdoor photoshoot so you can harness the beauty of sunlight.

5. Adjust your camera

If you are using your phone camera, use the professional mode if you want to adjust your settings manually. A DSLR will not only give you excellent quality but also a lot more control over the camera settings. Ideally, you should use the lowest ISO possible, and set the aperture based on the desired depth of field. If you are using artificial lights, make sure that the ambient light is not causing any problems. You can consult the video below for further guidance.

6. Position the model and capture the shots

If you have opted to include a model in your photoshoot, ask them to strike different poses as you evaluate what works best. Give them clear directions to use your time efficiently. Take as many shots as you like, there are no boundaries. Whether you take six shots or six hundred will completely depend on your artistic process.

7. Post-production

Once you have captured all your shots, it is time to transport them into your editing software and perfect them. From blurring the background to removing unnecessary items and adjusting the lighting, you can do everything during the editing process. If you are new to picture editing, give yourself the time and space to learn through experimentation. It is okay to build up your skills slowly and figure out the possibilities.

We hope you found this guide helpful! 


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