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10 Ways to Use Unwanted Perfumes You Don't Love

7 Ways to Use Unwanted Perfumes You Don't Love

Life is too short to wear perfume that you don't like. Think of it this way, hoarding perfume bottles you will never use again is only keeping you from adding new fragrances you will love to your collection.

Perfumes can be highly subjective and personal. Your tastes might change in just a few months. The gourmand, vanillic fragrances you loved a few months ago might seem cloying and heavy now. You can also outgrow a fragrance based on your age and position in life. You should not feel guilty because this is a common woe among all fragrance enthusiasts, but that does not mean you should not try to get your money's worth.

1. Give it away

If your shelf is cluttered with perfume bottles that are adding no value to your life, you can choose give them away to your friends and family. For example, some of your old fragrances might be from your teenage years, and you probably don't wear them anymore at your current age. Given such fragrances away to someone of a suitable age, would be a great idea!

2. Fragrance Swap

If you can't find a good candidate to giveaway your fragrance, swapping it for another fragrance you might love, could be a great option as well. The easiest way is to first check whether or not someone in your environment is interested in it. If not, then dropping a swapping offer in these places can be a good idea:

Don't hesitate to post a swapping offer. Believe us, the responses will surprise you!

3. Sell unwanted perfumes

While trying to find a swapping opportunity, you might not end up with fragrance options that you may potentially love. In such case, you should ask if the counter-party is simply willing to buy your fragrance instead. A price around the 20-40% of the original retail price should be reasonable. You may ask a little more for unopened bottles .

At last, you can also repurpose them, which can be an exciting project! We have listed below a few of the ways you can use the unwanted perfumes in your life.

4. Use it as a room freshener

This one's a no-brainer. If there is a perfume that you do not like wearing for the day but find the scent pleasant, you can use it to freshen up your room, corridor, or any other closed place. Take dry cotton balls in a container, like a bowl, and spray the perfume over them. You can also soak them in the perfume liquid if you want a stronger effect. The space will soon be filled with an aroma that inspires positivity without being overwhelming. 

5. Spray it on your sheets and bedding

Yes, you heard that right. You can spray your perfume on your pillows, sheets, and covers so you can comfortably snuggle at night, enveloped by the fragrance. It is advisable to spritz the perfume earlier in the day and let the bedding air out, so you are left with the calming scent without any of the sharp alcoholic notes. This is an excellent hack for aromatic perfumes in particular.

6. Scent up your fresh laundry

If you love the idea of wearing sweet-smelling clothes fresh out of the laundry, then you have to try this hack. All you need to do is spray a handkerchief with the fragrance and throw it among your clothes when they are halfway through the dryer cycle. Your clothes will emerge lightly scented from the laundry.

7. Harness the power of layering

If you want to use up your perfumes by wearing them daily, then layering is your best friend. Fragrance is versatile, and you should experiment with the scented products at your disposal to create something unique.

To begin with, you can layer your perfume with scented lotions that will help bring out a certain note or suppress the one that you do not like. One-note lotions are extremely handy for layering purposes, and the added bonus is that they help the perfume last longer.

If you want to try something a little more daring, you can try layering perfumes on top of another. You never know what fragrance might emerge due to the interplay of the accords. For example, layering a cloyingly honeyed fragrance with a clean, fresh fragrance might create a scent that is just sweet enough to be attractive without being overwhelming.

You can do your own research into how certain notes react with each other if you want to master the art of highlighting and suppressing accords in a perfume using another.

8. Infuse your stationery with a memorable scent

There is something very delicate and romantic about spritzing perfume on your writing instruments and surfaces. A dab of perfume on a handwritten letter can make a world of difference to the recipient. Moreover, you will experience the joy of writing a scented pen or pencil. You can even employ this hack to give yourself a signature scent as a professional by scenting up your business cards and memos.

9. Apply perfume on light bulbs and lampshades

Heat helps disperse perfume. Dabbing a few drops of perfume onto your lampshade is a genius hack because the fragrance will start dispersing as soon as you switch on the bulb and it starts radiating heat. If the lampshade is made of fabric, it would be wise to use fragrances with transparent liquids that do not leave a stain. You can even apply it directly on bulbs and tube lights, but practice caution. The scent that is dispersed is enough to mask any unpleasant smell in the room.

10. Fragrant storage = Fragrant clothes

There can be many reasons why you do not wear a perfume. For example, you might hate a particular stage of the fragrance cycle. In some cases, you might like the middle and base accords, but do not want to sit through the fading of the top accords that would render the perfume suitable for wear. Here’s what you can do for these perfumes. Place cotton balls soaked in the perfume liquid inside your clothing storage units like wardrobes and drawers. The scent will seep into your clothes slowly, and the top notes will fade away. By the time you take something out to wear, it will only smell of the accords you love.

If you have unwanted perfumes that cannot be repurposed in the ways mentioned above, it might be time to part with them. Gift them to someone who likes them, or donate them to charity, You also resell your fragrances in case you would rather have your money back.


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